Young Adult Life Phases &Development

The early twenties are often years of risk-taking – traffic accidents are the greatest killers of men this age group. These are also the years of peak physical prowess, in which the body should be worked hard. Both career and social goals are usually uppermost in a young man’s mind, although the experimental phase begun in the teens continues into the early twenties. This means that he can find it difficult to keep a balance between his academic and extracurricular activities. For men who do not go on to post-graduate studies, there is the transition from student to employee, a time for testing abilities and self-confidence. In their jobs young men find themselves having to compete as adults in an adult world for the first time. Twenty-four is the average age for American men to marry for the first time.

Emotional And Mental Health In Young Adult

• Establish and pursue social goals, but don’t be too rigid. As your self-confidence increases, you find it easy to allow yourself to change your mind.

• Feed your imagination with books and music. Go to a museum or art gallery, see a movie or play.

• Travel as widely as possible. Use your weekends as an opportunity to get away from your routine.

• Enjoy a variety of relationships. Remember that you have plenty of time ahead fo you, so don’t rush into marriage.

• Learn to communicate. Make sure you express your worries and take steps to deal with them.

• Respect your partner. Listen to her opinions and aspirations, and share yours with her. Be considerate of her need for independence and privacy.

• Take an active interest in your community and find time to involve yourself in neighborhood activities.

Work Finance and Family in Young Years

• Make the most of your educational opportunities. Is post graduate education or training an advantage in your chosen career?

• Learn to manage your money. Plan to make your income exceed your expenses, cutting back the latter if necessary.

• Be objective about your skills, abilities, and knowledge, and set realistic short and long-term career goals. This is your opportunity to gain the experience you will need to progress up the career ladder.

• Plan to live away from the parental home. For social and economic reasons, you might consider sharing a house or apartment with friends.

• Help to keep your home clean and tidy. Pitch in with all the chores, and be responsible for your laundry.

• Spend some time with your parents. Share your aims and achievements with them, and take an interest in their lives. Work to establish an adult-to-adult relationship.

Fitness & Body Care In Young Adults

• Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and be sure to get enough sleep.

• Balance the transition to a sedentary job by taking up another sport or a new exercise. Push your body hard to get the maximum benefit from these years of peak physical ability.

• Stop smoking and keep your alcohol consumption within safe limits, particularly if you are planning to become a father. Do it for yourself, your partner, and your baby.

Foods And Drinks For Young Adults

• Control your social drinking. If you are drinking on a regular basis, you are probably drinking for the wrong reasons. Remember that alcohol can be a dangerous, debilitating drug.

• Learn about nutrition. This might motivate you to restrict your intake of junk food and show you how easy it is to maintain a healthy diet.

• Take up cooking. It can help you to eat properly, increase your pleasure in food and save money. It is also a pleasant and much-appreciated way in which to entertain friends.

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