Top 5 Healthy Habits In Your Workplace To Shape Yourself

It is a common mistake when we spend 1-hour total dedication at the gym but forget we need to spend 8 hours at the office. If you are not aware of health in your workplace, it means your one-hour dedication at the gym nullifies some bad habits. So, what are the healthy habits that you must adopt in your workplace to stay in shape?

Sometimes working 8 hours for a long time not only affects the physical but also in your mind. Unwarranted meetings, unnecessary stress, office politics and others aspects take a toll on your health. So, it is better to make your workplace a friendly place if you are a fitness enthusiast and spend more time working towards a strict fitness regimen.

1. Fire your old chair and bring an exercise ball

It is implying that you replace your office chair with an exercise ball, but you can place an exercise ball in your cabin and sit most of the time to rest your back. Sitting inappropriately for a long time actually damages your spine more than anything else. Moreover, almost most of the time we sit on the couch, on the seat of a car, and sometimes sitting on the table. By sitting on the exercise ball strengthen the spinal column and abdominal region. Try sitting on the ball for one-hour intervals until you are used to sitting upright.

2. Keep a Mini-Fridge

It sounds luxury but if you have your own cabin there is no reason you can’t keep your own mini-fridge. Even if you can keep your lunch in the common fridge of your office. Avoid strictly all junk food in your office cafeteria and pack your own lunch and snacks. Prepare a healthy lunch that takes around 15 minutes should always be your priority. There is no excuse to exploit yourself with outside food.

3. Stuff your drawer with healthy snacks

If you want to stay healthy, maintain some distance from your office vending machine. Instead of wasting your money on unnecessary snacks and Diet Coke or soda, stuff something healthy in your desk drawer so that if you work late you don’t have to starve yourself or feed yourself with junk. Some of the good snacks are chicken wrap with a whole-wheat tortilla, homemade protein peanut butter balls, peanut butter and banana roll-ups and others.

4. Take a break

Don’t seat for long. The best way is to work for 1 hour and take a walk around the office corridors. These occasional breaks de-stress your body. You can also keep running shoes in your locker and during your break go for a mild jog or brisk walk for 10-15 minutes. It not only helps in your fitness but also clear your mind, instil some new ideas and regain focus.

5. Hydrate yourself

Most often people don’t drink plenty of water during office hours, instead, they drink coffee, tea or juice. Well, the juice is okay but tea and coffee dehydrate your body, so keep at least a 2-litre water bottle on your desk and finish it within 8 hours.
Don’t waste time in meetings

The office internal meetings are most of the time are worthless. Moreover, these meetings create lots of stress that affect your mood and eventually your health. Avoid meetings if those are avoidable, maintain a good work-life balance, keep your work on time and maintain cordial relationships with your colleagues.

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