Older People Takes A Cue From Goldie Hawn’s Routine To Enhance Mental Health

At nearly 80 years old, Academy Award actor Goldie Hawn defies expectations with her vibrant lifestyle, particularly in the realm of mental health. Recently, she shared her morning mental health routine in an Instagram video, setting a powerful example for the day ahead.

What is Goldie Hawn’s morning ritual?

Goldie Hawn’s morning ritual, which she calls ‘breathwork’, is surprisingly simple. It begins as soon as she rises from her bed. Before stepping out, she takes a deep breath, holds it for five seconds, and exhales. This uncomplicated exercise, repeated a few times, not only energizes her but also instils a sudden sense of awareness in the morning.

According to the experts, this type of breathing technique positively affects your central nervous system. Breathing is not consistent throughout our day; when we are stressed, our breathing pattern tends to become fast and shallow. It impedes oxygen supply in the bloodstream. Consequently, our brains tell our bodies to respond in a flight or flight situation. By deliberately breathing deeply and slowly, our brains understand that things are okay, and then they communicate positively to the body. When our body responds in fight and flight situations, our cortisol hormone is secreted from the adrenal gland, which eventually puts lots of pressure on the overall mental and physical health.

Why stretching?

Stretching seems not to be an exercise for older people. Goldie Hawn shares some simple stretching exercises that help relieve tension. We all know how beneficial stretching is to us, but we often do not find enough motivation to do it for even 10 minutes. Hawn ensures that she performs her stretches even before getting out of bed. She does some simple stretching exercises, such as extending her legs up towards the ceiling, slow stretching exercises in the sitting position, etc.

Benefits of Stretching

• Engaging in regular stretching can enhance our flexibility and increase the range of motion in our joints, leading to improved ease of movement and reduced discomfort during physical activities.

• Stretching has the potential to positively impact our flexibility, making daily tasks easier to perform and enhancing our overall mobility. Additionally, it may slow down age-related changes in our joints and muscles.

• Studies indicate that stretching can have a positive influence on our mood and cognitive abilities, promoting a sense of calmness and improving our focus. Even individuals with minimal physical activity levels can experience these benefits by incorporating stretching into their routine.

Practising Gratitude

Goldie Hawn says that every day, she begins her morning by thinking about three things for which she is grateful. She claims that by practising gratitude, she is able to focus more on the things that really matter to her life.

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