Is red wine good for Alzheimer’s patients?

It is a prevalent myth that Alzheimer’s disease principally results of old age but the fact is, it can increase with age and old page people suffer from it, but there is no scientific evidence that the disease is a part of old age. There are many pieces of research going on about resveratrol, a strong antioxidant, which is believed to be the best source of antidote for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and diabetes and other conditions. The chemical is mainly found in grapes, chocolate and red wine and upon consumption in regular dosage for an extended period of time, clinically proved that it may actually have slowed down the progress of these diseases.

There has been a research conducted in the U.S on an experimental pill of resveratrol where researchers found that subjects who took four pills a day for a year had significantly increase of amyloid-beta proteins in their spinal fluid than who took a placebo pill. The research proved that the amyloid-beta circulating in the body from the brain was the main reason for the improvement of Alzheimer’s disease.

Research of resveratrol on Alzheimer’s disease

There are certain limitations of this research because it was not conducted on a large scale plus there was not enough evidence that resveratrol actually lowered amyloid-beta plaques in the brain and circulated through the spinal fluid.

There is however positive sides of the research, which shows that subjects who took the resveratrol could actually experience in improving cognition. They could markedly improve in their day-to-day works, maintaining their cognitive functions easily. Nevertheless, it was not just the medicine but diet, exercise and social and psychological stimulation that helped to eliminate the declining capacity of cognitive function of the brain.

Myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Loss of cognitive function is not a natural process of aging. Alzheimer’s disease is not natural dementia, or occasional memory loss or malfunction of brain cells. It is a serious effect, quite independent of old age syndromes. It is often difficult to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease with memory loss but gradually with progression, it is a cause of concern.

Alzheimer’s disease is not normal and can be fatal if not treated properly. It gradually destroys the brain cells and changes the memory. It gradually changes the psychology of a person and people forget to connect, eat, talk, walk and even forget the very basic things of their own.

Flu shots do not have anything with Alzheimer’s disease. Several researches proved that vaccinations or flu shots do not trigger the accumulation of protein amyloid-beta in the brain.

Is red wine helpful?

Red wine contains a combination of resveratrol and different polyphenol compounds that could deplete the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. People who have mild symptoms can get better result with one glass of red wine a day but not more than that.

Scientists are still working out the healing properties of antioxidant resveratrol in grape skins, which might be a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease. The drug powered with 5000 glasses of wine is appeared to show significant improvement in mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.

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