Bullying Leaves An Imprint On The Brain of Kids

When should be we begin to worry that problem behavior goes beyond the bounds and become abnormal? There is no simple answer. The point about real “problem” behavior and emotions is that they are too intense and too frequent so that they lead to unhappy consequences for the child and the people around him. It is one thing to wet the bed at two and a half, but think what a terrible time an 11-year-old who could not control his bladder at night who have.

Talking about children behavior, we can’t ignore the epidemic of bullying that is spreading rapidly in the minds of small kids and young children in the schools, neighborhood and even amongst siblings. Bullying is the most insidious problems within schools – and it can exist in any school, with a positive policy on bullying will be keen to nip it in the bud, so if your child’s questions hint in bullying, see your school’s head teacher immediately.

• Boys are particularly conscious of the ridiculous code that they mustn’t tell on bullies, even if they are the victims. Convince your children that this code is wrong and that they must seek help if they are being bullied.

• You may wonder whether your child should retaliate if faced with bullying. A child can ask a trusted older child to help deal with bullies, but you should always report bullying to the school, even if it is happening outside the school premises.

• Girls are just capable of bullying as boys, and very often it takes the form of a cruel from a group of friends. If prolonged, this can be just wounding as physical violence and should be taken seriously.

• Children aren’t born bullies but they often learn a pattern of selfishness, victimization and bullying from adults in their own homes. This may be due to excessive strictness from an authoritarian parent or arise in a home, which is disorganized, where a child is neglected.

• Bullying is a child’s response to pain and lack of love. While bullying can never be condoned, these children need help to change their pattern of behavior.

Studies on Bullying

As bullying has become an epidemic and children are killed due to this simple yet brutal psychological torture, many researches have been conducted on this matter. Bullying is not a simple problem or a simple act. It could be teasing, stereotyping, exclusion, spreading rumors, public shaming, aggressive intimidation and many other things. One study suggests kids who are suffered tremendously through bullying by their peers, actually suffer from complicated psychological ailments in future.

It is also suggested kids who are ill-treated by their adults are more likely to be bullied. Most of the common symptoms are anxiety, attention deficit, depression and even in worst scenario development of suicide tendency.

One of the important reasons of bullying in the school is division and misunderstanding. Researches show children who are incapable of understanding differences of divisions, they form negative associations. It is important therefore to encourage children to learn about diversity and overcome stereotypes. It is important to start these lessons in primary school so that it won’t turn into a damaging habit in high or middle school.

Embrace gender differences in schools

• For parents it is very important to teach their kids to learn about the equality of genders and create mutual respect for each other. It is important to keep kids to mix easily with the opposite gender and make them understand everyone has almost the same problems or happiness elements in their life.

• It is important for teacher not separate groups by genders, rather find other alternatives like last names, birthday months, favorite colors or anything. Create separation or making groups based on things other than gender helps kids to identify and build healthy relationships based on certain similar ground. It is important to start conversations in a free-flowing manner.

• It is important to create a professional development plan in schools where staff are be aware of problems about gender-variant children. Based on the plan classroom tone, language and lessons must be planned.

Health Risks of Cyber Bullying

“I hope she sees this and kills herself.” – message to Amanda Todd

“The world would be a better place without you.” – message to Megan Meier

In the past, we have seen these types of cyberbullying that cost innocent lives. Cyberbullying is in the rise and the damaging effect of this type of bullying method is beyond fathomable. If not life, children are risked for acute depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts for simple spreading rumors in social media or even a simple message to a group in the internet.

Some studies showgirls are more vulnerable to this type of bullying. They are more susceptible to depression, anxiety and hostility. Many cyberbullying aims to unwanted sexual advances and this will aggravate the matter more.

Many psychiatrists encourage girls to go to their college clinic and have a talk about their cyberbullying. It is important to flush out the frustration and anxiety to a proper channel. It is also important for parents to look after their kids, especially careful about substance abuse.

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