Top 5 Gym Habits You Must Avoid

More often you may notice in the gym some fat or specifically ill-fitted guys workout for long, even more than a year or so but they never gain (or loss) anything. Is genetics the only blame for their misfortune or something that they really don’t understand. There are chances when exercising is a bad habit when you do it or choose it wrong. Today we are here not to say what to do but what to drop to get benefits from your workouts.

1. The elliptical

Many people are so diehard fans of elliptical but seriously it is good for nothing. The instrument is boring and unimaginably ineffective. The main reason is the instrument doesn’t utilize your natural body motion for a workout. For example, running, bending and jumping is far more effective than unnatural motions.

If you aren’t living far enough from your gym, come by quick walk, trust me, it is far better exercise than useless elliptical.

2. Workout for more, with less pace

If you take enough rest and spend lots of time in gym, chit chatting and discuss your business, it is nothing better than self-deception. Come to gym with a proper focus and do some intense exercise with less than 1 minute rest between exercises. This way you will gain maximum benefits from your workouts as well as utilize your time. For a normal workout session 45 minutes more than effective to get the results.

3. Lollygagging

If you think a gym is a fashion place where you can come with the latest fashionable wears, always fixing hair in the mirror and worse with full make-up, there is something seriously wrong in your dedication. Be specific in your hard work because you must enjoy your hard work rather than just passing time, texting in between reps, talk unnecessarily, worry about how you look etc.

4. Too much cardio and no iron

It is a common notion that iron is for bodybuilding. You can’t develop rippling muscles just handling some lightweight dumbbells that require a special regimen. If your sole focus is to burn calorie, you can obviously for cardio exercises but iron training has its own benefits. The biggest advantage is to burn calories and develops lean mass at the same time. Iron training also strengthens your bone and gives you a tight muscular feeling that boosts your morale of doing exercise.

5. Same exercise over and over again

When you do the same exercise for a long time, your muscles get used to it. Muscles need continuous challenges to grow and get strong, so you need to trick them with different motions and dynamics. Moreover, the same exercise over and over makes your body tires easily.

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