Teenagers, Plastic Surgery And Body Image

A great psychological problem of teenagers is bullying in schools and colleges by peers, creating a long lasting impact, and it is not just reduced to a psychological issue, but it seems it has become a physical one as well. To address the problem, many teenagers take refuge in plastic surgery who have facial deformities. The reason behind changing own faces to avoid being bullying by peers, but it will eventually lead to own troublesome trend.

According to a study by the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASPS), every year more than 219,000 plastic surgeries are conducted on patients, aged between 18 and less. The most common types of surgeries are nose jobs, ears, and enhancement of breasts, acne, or injuries.

Why teenagers are fascinated by cosmetic surgery?

The principle reason of cosmetic surgery is popular among teens is principally because of bullying. The psychological impact after a certain period of time in young mind is tremendous, and thus they seek a permanent solution about their looks. The plastic surgery is the “shortcut” way to increase self-esteem, and often teenagers report that plastic surgery greatly improves their self-confidence.

Well, the reasons are so exclusive, and many adults seek plastic surgery for the same. The difference is, teens often do cosmetic surgery to want to fit in with others rather than doing it for themselves. Teenagers also require emotional and family support to correct the minor surgery procedure. Any surgery involves risk and teenagers must realize the risks and limitations of cosmetic surgery.

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Important consideration before undertaking a plastic surgery

The most important thing is to choose the right surgeon. A good surgeon can help to show a realistic picture of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery doesn’t mean the obliteration of all flaws from the body, nor does it dramatically change the look. These realistic terms are best explained by a good plastic surgeon. There are some essential questions one must ask his/her plastic surgeon:

  • The total years of training
  • How many procedures he or she has done
  • The annual rate of operations
  • The fact sheets of results

Common cosmetic surgery procedures for teens

The most common type of plastic surgery requested by teens is rhinoplasty. The surgery is conducted on the nose and must be operated on before it reaches its adult size. The preferable age is 15-16 in girls and 16-17 in boys.

Otoplasty or ear pinback is a small surgery done after the age of 5-6.

Chin augmentation or reshaping the chin is also done in teenage years.

Breast asymmetry correction or reduction may be done on teen girls as young as 15 years old. Some girls have developed a large breast at very early age and it is a source of embarrassment for them. Large breasts at a teen age can also cause shoulder pain, back pain or breathing difficulty.

Gynecomastia is a development of breast in male. It generally develops in aged male but sometimes it occurs in male teens. It is reason of irregular hormone secretion.

Laser treatment is another popular surgery to remove acne and other skin defects.

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