How To Build A Perfect Physique?

There are many factors that govern the amount of mass and strength you can build to your frame. Some of these factors you have only limited control over, such as genetics. Genetics can be a dirty word in bodybuilding, especially for those cursed with a lack of muscle cells in one or more areas, high muscle insertions, long leverages, which give a slender or lanky look to the physique, poor symmetry, and a whole host of other afflictions.

Training can Subdue Genetics in Bodybuilding

The vast majority of people suffer from at least one, or probably a number of unfavorable genetic traits that can prove extremely frustrating. On the other hand, genetics for other bodybuilders can mean long flowing muscle bellies accentuated by tiny joints, a perfectly proportioned physique that exudes mass and symmetry, or other words, the total package. Even the fortunate bodybuilders that fall into the latter category probably see room for improvement, no matter how small it may need to be. The point is, whatever your genetic predisposition for building mass and furthering your bodybuilding goals, improvements, even vast ones, are possible.

There is a multitude of different training methods and exercises you can employ, not only for building size and strength but for helping overcome weak or lagging body parts. A more structured and scientific approach, in this case, may not overcome a genetic short fall entirely, but it can serve to make any flaws you may have in your physique less obvious.

The importance of nutrition for any athlete and in particular bodybuilders cannot be stressed strongly enough. If you are training hard in an attempt to build a huge, balanced physique and addressing any lagging body parts, but you are not backing your efforts up 100% with correct nutrition, you may be committing yourself to a lifetime of frustration and limited gains.

There are three distinct objectives that a supplementation plan needs to fulfill. Ideally, you need to ensure optimal recovery from intense training, a prolonged supply of key nutrients to promote protein synthesis (muscle growth) throughout the day, and finally be able to raise sufficient anabolic hormone levels.

Recovery From Bodybuilding Exercises

Complete recovery is essential and you need to restock the body with all the nutrients it needs to repair muscle tissue to become bigger and stronger. When the body is in a depleted state from exercise the requirement for nutrients is of paramount importance and insulin sensitivity is at a peak. Insulin is a great anabolic capacity for rapidly transporting vital nutrients to muscle cells.

  • Recent findings report that ingesting carbohydrates and protein promotes a superior insulin response than carbs alone when consumed in 3:1 ratio.
  • Nutrients must be loaded into the muscle cells as quickly as possible to take full advantage and saturate them, so the glycemic response (the rate at which carbs are released into the bloodstream) must be swift.
  • To comply with a fast absorption rate, protein is provided exclusively in the form of cross flow micro filtered when isolate. There is a rapid influx of amino acids into the bloodstream that stimulates protein synthesis and it is this fast delivery response that plays a major role in initiating recovery.
  • The conditionally essential amino acid glutamine is also a very important ingredient after training. Glutamine exerts many favorable influences that encourage growth, recovery, and helps decrease exercise-induced immunosuppression. Glutamine can also increase cell volumisation and also encourages glycogen synthesis.
  • Protein is largely responsible for maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. The longer you can prolong this balance, the greater the opportunity of building muscle. Therefore, the types of protein you ingest can greatly affect the length of time you maintain this state. The unique combination of first-class protein is comprised of cross-flow micro-filtered when isolate, egg albumin, and calcium caseinate.

Raising Testosterone Levels

Finally, there is one more powerful play at your disposal. By raising your anabolic hormones, it is possible to stimulate great gains in mass and strength. One of the key anabolic hormones is testosterone. Testosterone and bodybuilding are synonymous. High testosterone levels are a very definite advantage and many athletes seek ways to increase their levels.

Zinc and magnesium are critical minerals, yet deficiencies are all too common. A deficiency could be almost catastrophic for hard training bodybuilders. Vitamin B6 is essential to the formula as it virtually doubles the absorption of the minerals.

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