Basic and Intermediate 10Km Running Plan

Running Motivation

Running is more than an exercise. For a regular runner, it is a part of life, an open sesame to countless joys and exuberance; it is a healthy habit that is more addictive than any alcohol or nicotine. Nevertheless, runners often getting stuck in a running rut and gradually lose the fun element in it after the same route, at the same pace. Here are some innovative ways to make it more interesting and motivating:

Find a running buddy

Sometimes running long distance alone creates psychological fatigue, especially if you are at the beginning or intermediate level. There are lots of people running in your neighborhood or you can join a professional club where you can find people who are as enthusiastic like you. There is an excitement in running in a group or with a friend. You can run some extra mile, discuss your performance, create a stronger habit because you want to accompany that friend.

Give your running a competitive edge

Running with a strict route, with a timer, a self-imposed discipline can create more value for your running. Invest in a fitness band, stopwatch and run with an objective to make it fast and competitive. It is not necessary for you to train for the Olympics, but for your own sake, competitive spirit always brings greater joy in any sport.

Run in beautiful surroundings

It is not always possible to run in beautiful surroundings, but at least you can find some good parks, countryside, mountain ranges near your place where you can practice your running.

Be a friendly runner

Be an extrovert during running. You will be amazed by how your simple hello during running reciprocates during your running. The positive vibes generated through your smiles from a passing runner or anyone for sake motivates you greatly.

Invest in an iPod or MP3 player

Listening to your favorite music while running gives more energy and creates a good rhythm, which are important for long-distance running.

6 Weeks Schedule for 10K plan

It is important to create your own schedule for running and dedicatedly follow it. In the beginning running 10k (6.2 miles) is a tough ask, therefore, you need to create your own routine to check your performance and improvise your training day by day.

Plan Overview

Plan Length: 6 Weeks
Weekly Routine: 2 days of rest, 5 days of running
Weekly Mileage: 16–24 miles
Long Runs: Start at 4 miles, peak at 8 miles
Quality Workouts: Aerobic intervals and gentle mid-run pick-ups

Weekly Snapshot
Monday, Day 1 – Start

Every Monday is important because from this day you start your training for the week ahead. Keep scheduling for your training on Monday and list down your exercises, diet and other things you want to keep in mind during the week.

Don’t overdo on Monday but run or jog at a steady pace. If you run at a moderate pace, say 8km/hr it is a good start. Try to run at least 3-4km on Monday. If you are a seasoned runner, then you need to keep pickups after a certain time when you sprint 100m and then slow down your pace.

Tuesday Day 2

Find your momentum on the second day with an easy run. You find that it is easy to run for 4km, so run at least 5-6km. Do some cross-training like stretching, isometric exercises, yoga or even slow swimming.

Wednesday Day 3

Start running 4km at a comfortable speed where you can carry a conversation with ease. This day your target is to reach 6km, so after 4km, you just give yourself a little push to run additional 1km and then exhaust yourself with last 1km run.

Don’t do any exercise this day and keep your body at full rest.

Thursday Day 4

Take a rest day but it doesn’t rest from exercise. Do some stretching, cardiovascular exercises, swimming and if possible strength training.

Friday Day 5

After a proper rest do a proper run on Day 5 with a gradual pick up. This is the day when you need to pick up at least 6-7km, so before exhausting yourself completely, stop and walk gently and recover. Start running again till you reach the goal of 7km.

Saturday Day 6

Start running early with gentle pace till you exhaust yourself. Additionally, you can do swimming, strength training and some isometric exercise.

Sunday Day 7

Total rest.

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