Weight Loss Management

Worst Mistakes In Diet Management

Weight loss management is talking about the subject, and finding a right diet is a conscious attempt of many weight-conscious people who give their best efforts to reduce some inches of bulk but most often the result is minimum or not noticeable. Adding insult to the injury, some methods are likely to harm their bodies, healthy fat loss is a far cry. People are so focused on diet management and weight loss tips, which proves otherwise and harm their bodies in the long run. Eating disorders, anorexia, vitamin and protein deficiencies and excessive loss of body fat are the common sufferings of wrong diet plan. Here we’ve cited some potentially dangerous efforts one should not use to lose weight.

Starvation or fasting

People have the myth that cutting regular meals can dramatically decrease their body weights. Yes, to an extent it is true that if you don’t consume calories, you won’t accumulate it. But the result of long term starvation or fasting can lead to malnutrition, causing water, some fat, and muscle loss. Moreover, loosing weight quickly will tend to pack it up with more fat and less muscle.

Skipping Breakfast

Often, people, mostly office goers tend to skip breakfast, excusing lack of time and other nonsensical reasons. Some people deliberately skip breakfast as they think this will burn more calories. Nevertheless, the fact is, skipping breakfast actually exaggerate fat accumulation and lower BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). There are two sides of it – first, after a long time your body needs essential nutrients and you deliberately deprive it. Second, skipping breakfast actually decreases BMR, so in a hunger state when you eat your lunch, you will eat more and the fat content of food is easily accumulate in your body.

Dubious Supplement and Over-the-counter Drugs

Diet pills can give magical results but truly it’s wasteful. Any chemical treatment of overweight is unnatural and unnaturally you cannot achieve any long-lasting success. Most diet pills contain a high level of caffeine and diuretics that can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Overall, it is dangerous, ineffective and waste of money.


Medical treatment for weight loss should be used only for people who have health risk due to obesity. Doctors usually consider medications to be appropriate in patients with a BMI greater than 30 or in those with a BMI of greater than 27 and have health risks like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease.

All Forms of Purging

This is one of the worst techniques making yourself vomit, chewing food and spitting it out, and abusing laxatives. This a common practice amongst young girls, which eventually poses serious health problems including eating disorders.

Our stomachs contain essential acids, which are essential to prepare food for digestion and absorption. Stomach contents need to stay in the stomach and not to be purged out artificially. Acidic vomit can cause esophagus erosion and also affect on mouth and tooth enamel. In some cases, it also leads to cancer. Abuse of laxatives also causes dehydration and excessive essential fluid loss from the body.

Obsession with Exercise

Extreme exercise is best enjoyed in Television but in reality, it can cause serious problems. Extreme exercise without proper rest and with a sole motive to lose weight can cause serious injury, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and more important psychological disturbance. If you are not a professional and want to start an exercise regime for weight loss then do it sensibly, in a more human way. Inhuman exertion cannot lead you to size zero figure, conversely, it can lead you to a hospital bed. Normal training must not exceed 30-40 minutes a day, five days a week and not more than 20 minutes for intense cardio. Strength-training exercises must not exceed 8-10 exercise.

Use of Legal and Illegal Drugs

Some drugs are very effective to reduce weight in days or months. Therefore, most often people abuse drugs such as speed (for attention deficit disorder), thyroid and diabetes medications to lose weight. If you are using it or thinking of using it please first read the side-effects of those drugs. Potential life-threatening side-effects are anxiety, stroke, headaches, heart, lungs and kidney problems. Other side-effects are physical and psychological addiction and social and financial problems.

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