Sex, Health And Spiritualism – Healthy Elevation of Energy

The intensity of sexual energy in our lives is immense, a potent force, which governs almost everything in this life. Physical intimacy between two opposite gender can unfold many neurochemistries of the brain, partly be explained with biochemistry and partly with bioenergetics.

Side-effects of Orgasm

Orgasm is the ultimate goal of sex, as it is the ultimate stage where bodies discharge excess bio-energy and free the blocked sexual energy that causes mental disturbance. Unfortunately, there are many powerful side-effects of orgasm because of hormonal change during the peak of recreational sex. The whole part of copulation is controlled by three hormones – dopamine (reward hormone), prolactin (hormone of satiation), and oxytocin (the cuddle hormone). Additionally, there are androgen receptors, which directly affect our mood, desire, and our perception of our mate.

Another stimulant phenylethylamine (PEA) largely causes the elevation in energy, mood, and attention. When one is involved in close intimacy with the opposite gender, PEA is produced greatly and gives a euphoric feeling. Conversely, a deficiency causes a depressive state of mind. The first stage of sexual bonding between two people is principally caused by PEA, and hormones like oxytocin and dopamine help to strengthen the bond. When we sexually aroused by physical intimacy, our dopamine level increases, and at the orgasm, we have a dopamine brainstorm. The effects of dopamine in a body, and especially in sexual intimacy are various.

After orgasm, in male dopamine levels fall sharply with usual withdrawal symptoms. In female the process is much delayed. Another hormone prolactin levels raise and androgen receptors that holds the physical bonding between two people fall sharply. Behavioral changes from these hormonal changes can be observed when we are dissatisfied, depressed, and more critical towards our mates.

During the honeymoon period of our relationship, we remain strongly fixed with our mates by a high level of oxytocin hormone, which is also called cuddle-hormone, counteracting fear, and stress. However, having multiple sexes with our mates reduces this hormonal blues. Initially, sex aggravates more sex. A high frequency of copulation actually not good for us, as it leads to sharp fluctuations of dopamine hormone and consequently affects our emotional state.


Bio-energetic static is necessary to control or remove stress levels. In conventional sex or masturbation, initially, the body may fire up with images or skin stimulation and anticipation, but in actuality, there is a little release. This is very common in women who engage in self fornication or conventional sex with her partner.

Two hormones – oxytocin and dopamine work antagonistically in our system. A sharp fall in dopamine level after orgasm makes us irritable, depress and we become less and less interested in sex with our mate. Our subconscious mind associates him or her with our lows. As a result, we become more oriented toward addicted to some kind of food or drug, or by becoming interested in a new sexual partner gives a boost to our dopamine level. The dopamine system is designed in an evolutionary process to produce more genetic variety. However, to balance the randomness there is another hormone oxytocin counteracts the emotional rollercoaster. The hormone gives a sense of bonding and leads to a strong relationship. In animals, after mating the level of dopamine drops with the rise of prolactin after successful fertilization. Now, oxytocin bonds both parents cooperate for the survival of their offspring. In the case of humans, it is also possible to abstain from sex for better development of offspring in an emotionally stable state, but most of us would also find it meaningless.

Sex and Spiritualism

Undoubtedly, sexual thoughts absorb a lot of average men thinking, feeling, and willingness. Sex is an important problem in spiritual life. Why continence is necessary for the spiritual life? First one should properly understand this point; else it would be quite difficult to raise a healthy mind to cultivate spiritual thoughts. The chief difficulty with sex is that it exists at various levels of personality. Sex is not all physical. Apart from physiological urges, sex exists in the mental planes as subtle attractions or fascinations. If an ordinary man gets a peep into the mind of a true spiritual aspirant, he will be frightened away. It is like the interior of a blast furnace where pure metal is being constantly separated from the ore.

As already said, sex energy is the greatest of all energies in our bodies, when checked and channelized into a spiritual path, it easily becomes into greater subtle power. The sulfur present in the semen is a powerful substance that gives necessary impetus to the brain. As a spiritual aspirant, if one thinks of unchaste thoughts, spirituality goes away; he loses mental vigor and moral stamina.

Celibacy is important who try to live a spiritual and alone life. It is essential for the nourishment and vigor of the brain. People who do not observe celibacy find their brain getting heated up quickly when they try to meditate. Sustained contemplation is impossible unless the brain is strong and cool.

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