How Your Knowledge Of Individuality Can Transform Your Life?

The words personality and individuality have been used by psychologists and thinkers quite often very indiscriminately, without a proper differentiation that exists between them. Even if we study writers and philosophers of higher thought, they also used the word personality the sense of individuality and the word individuality in the sense of personality. Often we have heard questions like “shall we lose our individuality?” So what’s the difference and how it affects our lives?

We love ourselves the most. This is an inevitable truth that whatever we do, we do because of self-love and that love for ourselves is the foundation of our existence, and we cannot help it. Everything we possess, whether material things or relationships, we try to hold it tight. This feeling of possession is very strong in us.

The personality of an individual is an idea or a concept that is very difficult to describe. We may think that it is very easy to think of ourselves, but when to try to analyze or try to find out who is in reality, we will discover that we’re in a sea of troubles. We have this body, the senses, the mind, the mental functions, the intellect, the intellectual powers, reasoning, emotions and feelings. All these we have and we call ourselves as Mr. so and so, or Ms So and so, but we never go to the bottom of these things, which I have just described to find out who we are in reality and where our this personality lies? When we say that we are persons, what do you mean by that? Do we mean we have bodies or material possessions or feelings or sensations or perceptions or ideas or thoughts or our particular characteristics or talents? We just try to find out what we mean by Mr or Ms So and so.

Steps to encourage individuality to change your life

The old saying: the soul, body and clothes, is not merely a joke we know, because many people would rather think more of their clothes than of their body. Which would most people prefer to have, either an ugly body and fine clothes or a fine body and shabby clothes? Very few would prefer shabby clothes with a fine body. In the world, we will find that. That is true here because we like to look beautiful. But that love of self is identified with the physical body and beyond it. We love our clothes, possessions, furniture, bank account and everything rather than ourselves. These things essentially become our personality, but surely not individuality. Personality is changeable and we are the real individual. We can never lose our individuality no matter what we do, where we go.

•    Creative pursuits can help to grow consciousness about your individuality. Discover your passion, your creativity and pursue it no matter how little you can do. Discover opportunities that align with your interests and pursue it.

•    Try self-control. Self-control is essential Buddhism to understand its own individuality. Self-control will create awareness about compassion.

•    Set goals in your life. Your individuality is measured by small steps and not just by a big leap. Achieving small goals is to embrace your own individuality and create awareness about it.

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