Divorce & Effects On Men Health

Divorce is often harder for people when they are older than it would have been if they had gone through it when they were young. In the aftermath of divorce, many people feel that they are “over the hill” and unattractive. They may fear that no one will ever want them again. Many dislike going alone to dances and parties after so many years of living with a secure partner. Some people are bitter because they are left alone after 30 or more years.

The Divorced Man

Now that they have discovered that they can look after themselves economically, women are leaving men more frequently than before. More and more men over 50 are being left behind by wives who always wanted to get out of the marriage.

It is not always the case that an older man who is divorced is the guilty party and has left his ageing wife for a younger woman. On the contrary, his wife may have left him for a younger man. Men in this situation feel depressed and deserted and many seek a lasting relationship for the years ahead. Men seem to be very well suited to the marriage state. Health statistics show that they are happiest, in the best health and least depressed when they are married. So they tend to re-married.

The Divorced Woman

Women, especially after being deserted for someone younger, may feel ferociously protected about their maintenance payments, particularly if they haven’t been trained for a job and feel they are too old to begin a career. Salt is rubbed in the wound if a woman can remember it was she who put her student husband through his professional training so that he could make a good salary for the two of them. Some women feel that after bringing up the family for a man and helping him achieve success in his career, they deserve every penny they can get.

This pessimistic approach may end up making women believe that divorce is the end of their lives. But having lived through the despair, pain, self-hatred and even self-pity, many of us find that life is better after divorce.

Divorces are getting bigger, and the stigma of being “divorced guy” is the most painful thing one has to endure. Men have to contend with battles, both in courts and finances and in most cases it turns ugly. All of the things make things too murkier, even the general health of men gets affected. Here are some health symptoms of the effects of divorce on men.

Cardiovascular Diseases

According to the ‘Journal of Marriage and Family’, mostly middle-aged men suffer from some sort of cardiovascular diseases after the ordeal of divorce. The stress of divorce has created a greater level of inflammation in men, and if the levels persist for a longer period of time, it will more likely to turn into some sort of cardiovascular disease.

Substance Abuse

Post-divorce many men are getting more and more dependent on cigarettes, alcohol or hardcore drugs. If the attachment of living together is very long, the divorce can make a man terribly anxious, lonely and depressed. Mostly, men often ignore the significant impact of divorce on health, but in the long run, it will turn into a chronic disease.

Loneliness and high level of depression

Women generally maintain a diverse range of emotional support network, and they even get it so easily. Men may have more friends or family support, but they are not really accustomed to receiving non-spousal emotional support. As a result, they suffer from loneliness and a high level of depression. They are more likely to fall into old unhealthy habits.

Fortify Health & Wealth During Divorce

Reduce the conflictz

After reaching a stalemate in a relationship, don’t go for any conflict. The greater the conflict, the greater the possibility of physical and mental health deterioration of both the party. For men, it is important to arrange the finances and custody arrangement if there is any child. It is important to reach the agreement soon.

Spend time in work

Find a way to spend more time in constructive work. It may be in your office or home. You can also join a local health club or yoga centre. If you have a lost hobby, you can regain it from the beginning.

Find a financial advisor

Divorced men and women, both find it difficult in finance at the beginning. This will increase stress level, so find a financial advisor who can give you the right advice to restrict your budget, cut back non-essential things.

Stop social media

Unless you are getting divorced, stop doing anything on social media. It could have been negatively portraying in the country. Sometimes even an innocent outing with a friend could damage your case. Don’t update any status or comment in anybody.

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