Although testosterone may be the subject of many jokes, in actual fact, a testosterone deficiency is not really a laughing matter.  Many studies have been conducted on the subject and all the results seem to have a common denominator.  And that is…men that suffer from a testosterone deficiency quite often face a higher risk of more serious illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and diabetes.  It only takes a simple blood test to establish whether a man has low testosterone. However, there are a lot of subtle clues that often go unnoticed, but which could suggest that such a problem exists.

A Falling Sex Drive

The male sex drive is fuelled by testosterone.  This means that if testosterone levels are low, the person concerned is less likely to be interested in sex.  According to Dr Gerard Schweitzer, who is an associate clinical professor at the Harvard Medical School, testosterone is responsible for the “X factor” when it comes to sex.  He goes on to say, like everything, the level of sexual desire differs from person to person, especially when it comes to the frequency of sexual activity, “but some men who have a testosterone deficiency… sexual desire can be completely absent”.

Erectile Problems

Nitric oxide is a minute molecule that is responsible for triggering erections.  Unfortunately, these molecules rely heavily on testosterone for their release.  When there is not enough testosterone present, naturally, not much activity takes place in the “man” region.  Although it still may be possible to achieve erections, they may not be sturdy enough for sexual intercourse.

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Orgasm Problems

A testosterone deficiency quite often leads to more serious medical problems which include heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.  All of these conditions hinder a person’s ability to reach a satisfactory orgasm.

Testicular Shrinkage

When was the last time you checked your testicles? It is quite normal for a testosterone deficiency to trigger the shrinkage of the testicles as well as causing them to feel softer than normal.

Fluid Deficiency

The prostate, the testicles and the seminal vesicles work in conjunction with one another to produce a sperm-containing-fluid that is released during ejaculation.  Each of these elements requires a healthy supply of testosterone in order to provide a “normal ejaculatory volume” which can be anywhere between 1-5 cubic centimeters.   A man with depleting testosterone levels will notice a drastic decline in his “volume”.

Numbness in the Genitalia

It is normal to experience a “numb” feeling in the genitals when there is a testosterone deficiency in play.  Although the region may not be completely numb, still, even the slightest touch of the penis or the scrotum region will not trigger any sensitive sexual stimulation that is sufficient enough to spark any sexual encounters.


It is perfectly normal for a man to feel tired by the time it gets to the end of the day.  But guys that suffer from low testosterone tend to complain about being “more tired than the action should be”. Even the most menial everyday tasks are able to “run the tank dry”.

Less Energy

On top of experiencing fatigue, men that suffer from low testosterone find themselves in a situation where they have no drive or initiative left.  Even though you may have had that “get up and go attitude” some years ago, with low testosterone, chances are that you will prefer to spend the day on the sofa.

Mood Problems

A man with low testosterone does not necessarily have to be clinically depressed, but will still feel down a lot of the time.  Optimism simply goes out of the window.

Feelings of Irritation

Low testosterone is a common cause for men to feel grouchy and irritable.  This particular problem may become more apparent to friends, work colleagues, and family members than the person concerned.   Although the person in question might say “I am fine”, beneath the surface there is a lot of hormonal imbalances taking place that are triggering feelings of irritability.

Shrinkage of Muscles

Quite often, men with low testosterone notice that they are not as strong as they once were, nor do they look as good and muscular.  The most obvious muscle loss takes place on the arms, legs and the chest areas.  This is despite “pumping iron” in the gym, just like before.  Testosterone deficiency plays a massive part in the development of reduced muscle mass.

Increase in Fat

If you thought that reduced muscle mass was bad enough, wait till you get a load of this…low testosterone will trigger your body to store more fat, especially around the mid-section.  The really unlucky men sometimes develop man boobs, which are medically referred to as “gynecomastia”.

I know you are thinking that you regret reading this article because it’s all doom and gloom when testosterone deficiency takes effect.  But let me stop you right there…low testosterone is easily treated these days because there are many treatments available.  Some of these treatments are available through your doctor such as under-the-skin-pellets, testosterone injections, testosterone gels among others.  Alternatively, you can try the natural/herbal route by trying out one of the many testosterone boosters available today.  Testosterone boosters are available without the need for a prescription and they tend to have milder side-effects compared to the medical options. By increasing your testosterone and bringing it back within the “normal” range you will experience a whole array of quality-of-life improvements that concern your sex drive, mood, appearance, motivation and drive as well as many other things.

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