Yoga Asanas For Men Sexual Health

Yoga has a much deeper significance in terms of modern understanding of this ancient science. Here sexual health doesn’t mean the libido and sexual stamina of men, but it goes deeper into the most potent biochemical force of the human body, utilizing it for rejuvenating the entire physical appearance and spiritual growth. Yoga is a very potent mechanism and there are many effective yoga asanas for men’s sexual health that can easily solve the problem.

The ancient holy men and sages preserved their sexual energy and directed them towards attaining spiritual power. In modern times, Yoga also plays a significant part to achieve many health benefits and control senses for spiritual transformation. The following Yogic postures are not only beneficial for men but also excellent for women, but here it is tailored specifically for men’s sexual organs and thought process.

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Benefits of Yoga in Men Sexual Health

• Regular practice of Yogic asanas helps to attune sexual vibration with the whole body and mind.

• Regular practice of asana helps to increase sexual potency and thus raises Kundalini energy in the body.

• It helps to remove sexual phobias.

• Strictly from the bodily function, Yoga helps to cure erectile dysfunction.

• Regular practice of Yoga helps to increase overall vitality and stamina in stupendous manner.

• Regular practice of Yoga asanas helps to control sexual thoughts and direct thoughts into more creative pursuits.

Yoga Asanas To Improve Men Sexual Health

Top 4 Yoga Asanas For Men Sexual Health

1. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose is an excellent asana for upper and lower back flexibility. People suffering from long-term back problems can be relieved by practicing this asana for 3-6 weeks. This pose is also stretched sexual organs and circulating blood into them. It is a great stress buster and increases vitality. People suffering from a hernia, spinal injury, or after an operation shouldn’t perform this asana.

a) Lie on your stomach with legs closer.
b) Place your hands below the shoulder and raise the upper part and twist it backward. Remember give less pressure on your hands and more on your back.
c) Remain in that pose for 60 seconds and slowly release your body back to normal position. Your thought process should be positive about your spine, sexual health, and overall balance.
d) Don’t overdo this exercise and keep normal breathing.

2. Goumukha Asana or Cow Face Posture

This asana is considered in a meditative posture (dhyana asana) and very helpful in concentration and relieving anxiety. According to the spiritual point of view, the asana helps in focusing, meditating, and control unwarranted sexual urges. This asana is greatly helpful in treating indigestion, hernia, testicle disorder, spermatorrhoea, diabetes, sperm deficiency, nightfall, and sperm disorders.

a) Sit on a mat and bend your left leg and bring out under the right leg, put the right on the left leg, and put both heels close to the hips.
b) Bend your left hand from the elbow and put it behind your waist. Bend your right hand over the top of your hand and catch the left hand and interlock it.
c) Keep the head, spine, and chest straight and close your eyes.
d) Stay in this position for 2-5 minutes and then repeat the pose by changing the position of legs and hands.

3. Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand

It is the second best Yogic asana after Sirasana. Many people also consider it first because of its enormous benefits to the body and mind. It improves blood circulation, especially on thyroid and parathyroid glands, balances the body, stimulates the nerves in the spine, and most importantly helps the body to prepare for spiritual practices.

People suffering from high blood pressure and spondylitis shouldn’t perform this asana. This asana should be learned from a trained master and practice strictly according to the rule. Breathing should be normal in all cases, though in some schools of Yoga, exhaling while raising legs is a common practice in some inhale while raising legs.

4. Siddhasana or Accomplished Pose

The name of this pose means perfect. This posture is the best pose to do meditation, and after completing all three above asanas, it is better to do remain in this asana as much you can. From a seated position, place one heel to the perineum area (groin) and the second leg resting in the fold between the thigh and calf of the first leg beneath it. Straight your spine, close your eyes and focus on your breath. You can chant the word ‘Om’ while exhaling your breath. This asana is helpful to make you meditate and calm your senses and your nerves.

Precautions While Doing Yoga Asanas

1. Always do asanas on an empty stomach, but not in hunger.
2. Always do asanas with a relaxed mode, preferably at a fixed time.
3. Perform Corpse Pose or Savasana for one minute after each asana.
4. Do not perform asana in fever or any bodily discomfort.
5. Do not perform asana in a closed environment. Let the air freely come to your room.
6. Do not perform asana directly on the earth. Place a mat or blanket.

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