Effects Of Diabetes On Married Life & Solutions

Diabetes is an incurable but controllable disease. You can manage it effectively and can lead a healthy and happy life. At the same time, if the sugar level is not monitored and controlled properly, it can invite several other complications. Among the major complications, which can develop are heart diseases, kidney problems, and eye-related disorders including sexual insufficiencies. Thus, we see that this disease gives rise to not only physical and mental problems, but also affects married life very badly. To understand this aspect in detail, some of the major impacts on marital life have been dealt with here.

Diabetes & Erectile Dysfunction

It is noted that about 35-75% of diabetic men will suffer from ED during their lifetime. Most of the men who have diabetes suffer from ED 10-12 years prior to their non-diabetic counterparts. Men who suffer from high sugar in the age group of 50s experience difficulty achieving a good erection. They need some oral drugs like Sildenafil or Tadalafil to achieve an erection. The side effects of those drugs further magnify their problem.

Loss of Libido in Men and Diabetes

Low sex desire is also a common symptom of diabetic men. Cell damage occurs due to a high level of sugar and eventually hampers libido. It can also lead to impotency. Increased sugar accumulates around the cells and blocks the blood circulation and inhibits blood circulation, especially in the penis. The fluctuation of blood sugar levels also increases stress which causes low libido in men.

Low Testosterone Level in Men

In a study made on 355 men on the wrong side of 30 who were suffering from diabetes, researchers found that 17% of men have low testosterone levels and 25% were on the borderline of low male hormone.

Infertility in Men Due to Diabetes

Low sperm levels and high blood sugar are directly related to each other. In men who suffer from high blood sugar levels, the malformed or dead sperms in semen are highly increased. The study also showed that total sperm count was greatly reduced.

Fatigue in Men Due to High Blood Sugar

Common symptom men suffer from high blood sugar is muscle weakness and fatigue. High blood sugar in the body is because of less insulin production in the body, so the utilization is also inefficient. Eventually, glucose in the blood can’t really enter the cells. Thus, the cells work like a starved man, operating in fatigue and weakness. On account of this constant fatigue feeling, men are less likely to involve in copulation.

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